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Welcome and thanks for trying out my game. It's pretty simple but I'm still working on things to add and polish. Lots of levels are coming so make sure to stop by and check out the change log! (below)

CONTROLS: WASD or Arrow keys for movement

Volume is the Options Menu
Currently only 12 levels, however I plan on having 100.


Added Scrolling UI Elements
Fixed Scaling of text to UI Size
Fixed UI positioning


Fixed the Leader boards Title
Added leader boards for the two new levels
Added Popup for users to add their name if no name has been set.
Found and fixed a Booster Exploit, You could restart while on a booster and keep adding it's speed multiplier forever. Ending up with really fast ball movement.


Added a couple levels, so now up to 12
Figured out a good way to make instructions.
Had Udon for lunch..


Added Volume Setting
Fixed bugs involving sounds
Fixed bugs in Map names vs their Index
Adjusted Maps for better Gameplay and "Flow" Thanks for the feedback!